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Our philosophy is pretty simple.  As tempting as it might be to try to be all things to all people, we can not and will not try.  Red Dog Coffee Roasters are just that, coffee roasters.  Based on years of experience, feedback, learning and honing our craft, and backed up by many more years of professional experience in the kitchen, we believe that we are very good roasters.  Of course your taste is the ultimate arbiter in this so we ask that you give us a try.  We believe you'll find that our quality, consistency and integrity will prove out and you'll enjoy one of the finest coffee experiences of your life.  Thank you for visiting our site. Drop us an email if you have questions or comments. 

8/04/2008 We've got some new arrivals! A wonderful Tanzania and yet another great Ethiopia.  What a year for Ethiopia! Check out the Single Origin page for detailed tasting notes on these two.  Also, I just got another full bag of the Harar that seems to be everyone's favorite this year. We should be set on that one for a couple more months now.

7/25/2008 Hey everybody!  It has been a long time since I posted to this page. Fact is that I have settled into a mellow rhythm as to how I do things here.  In case you haven't figured it out I do this more as an evangelist for great coffee than for an income-generating business.  This is a good thing. 

As a result I roast my coffee in very small batches and I am able to pinpoint the exact roast level I want. I'll leave it for you to decide but most of my customers seem to feel that this approach provides superior results to other roasters.  The other side of the equation is that since I roast fewer times per week it might a day or two longer to get your order out.  I hope the tradeoff is well worth it. 

Also, I buy my coffee bean extract differently than I used to.  Now I tend to buy a bag or two of great pre-tasted pre-tested coffee that is already on shore here in the US. I don't speculate or import or buy based on wholesale price point.  I pay more this way but I point back to my earlier statement about being an evangelist.

Some quick examples of recent purchases:

Yemen Mocha Sana'ani, Sumatra Mandheling, Ethiopian Sidamo (several examples), Ethiopian Harrar (several examples), a couple Brazils, a couple Columbians.

On the way:  Ethiopia Sidamo Dry-Processed "Koratie" ,  Columbia Huila, Brazil Daterra, plus others to be determined. 

For the next month or two I expect to maintain my focus on the East Africans.  Then I will shift back to the South Americans.

If you have a cultivar or region that you would like to see me offer drop me an email and I'll see what's available. 

4/24/2008 New Arrivals:  Spring has sprung!  Yay!  With Spring we are seeing the new arrivals from East Africa.  We have some fantastic new arrivals here.

Yemen - Mocha Sana'ani -  Wonderful!  Beautiful balance in the cup, subtle nuances of dried fruit and milk chocolate interplay with surprising infusions of bright berry.

Ethiopian Harar - This is our favorite all-time varietal.  Although Harars vary widely in character and quality when you find a good one they are the most special coffees in the world.  This is a good one.

Ethiopian Idido Misty Valley - The Fruit Bomb!  Yes this is one very bright coffee.  It runs almost to Raspberry in its brightness. 

4/1/2008 - New Arrival:  Sumatra Mandheling -  Chocolate and dark spice. Think cardomom or even slight pepper.  Add some milk to this and you might be confused as to whether you are drinking coffee or hot chocolate.

3/14/2008 New Arrival!  We just got in a small supply of a new crop of Ethiopian Sidamo.  This is one of our perennial favorite Single Origins.  They do vary widely in character but this one tends towards the stereotypical Sidamo. Nice balance, milk chocolate mouthfeel, fruity overtones and finish in the cup. Click here

2/23/2008 The Winter doldrums have hit!  Actually they hit about 3 weeks ago and we have just been keeping up with current orders.  Not much else happening as far as new offerings or special beans hitting our tasting cups.  But this will be changing soon!  Keep tuned as we expect to see some new lots within weeks. Just in time for Spring.  Ironic that such a great wintertime beverage is at its best in Spring. 

We expect to be changing things a little in the Spring. From the very beginning we have said that we will not try to be all things to all people.  After several months of online sales we have found out a dismal fact; that the very nature of the business means that it is almost impossible to a.) buy only the highest grade beans b.) deliver (to the post office) only coffee that was roasted within 24 hours AND c.) make enough money to keep at it. 

We have a plan.  First off. We will be eliminating all but our most popular blend for online sales- The Serendipity Blend.  This is such a hit with regular and espresso drinkers alike that it covers most of our bases for blends.  Next we plan to become more SO (Single Origin) focused.  What this does is reduce our overhead to the point that we become lean enough to provide the same quality and service and cover expenses at the same time.  This plan also allows us to offer new coffees more frequently.

We will keep you posted.

Ok, ok we've had enough people asking for advice on which this or that to buy?,  what we recommend for doing this or that?, what is our favorite?, etc., that we have decided to add a few pages discussing those options.  Ready for this? We call it Coffee Related Products . For the most part these are opinions drawn from varying degrees of experience with the product -or- the truly valued opinions and experience of our many friends and colleagues from forums, newsgroups and elsewhere in the industry. And for those of you might doubt the usefulness of such a compendium of recommendations tell us where you would ever have heard about this gem:

                                  Our Featured (non-roasted coffee) Product of the Month:

                                              The "Let's Pretend Coffee Maker"

Please no hate mail if you disagree, we're just trying to help.  Our first page is Staff Favorites soon to be followed by a page devoted to general quality coffee related products.

1/6/2008 Interesting week. A little of the post-holiday ho-hum setting in I believe.  We have rolled a couple new Single Origins into our lineup for January.  A Mexico and a Sumatra.  I don't find very many Mexico beans that stand out enough to highlight them, but I like this one.  Overwhelming response to our recent Brazil Santos has caused me to track down a few hundred more pounds of the same batch.  If you missed it the first time, check it out this time (back in stock by the end of this week.) 

Last week I mentioned the amazing feedback that we have been getting from our customers.  Since marketing is really no place for modesty we have decided to highlight some of the more telling e-mails and stories that we have gotten recently.  Go to the 
Customer Feedback page to check out some examples. Is it wrong to pat yourself on the back once in a while?

12/31/2007    Yay!!!!  Happy New Year!!!
Seriously, we mean it.  After our first few months in business we at Red Dog could not be happier and more excited about the future.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all of you out there who took a chance and sampled our wares.  The feedback we have gotten is amazing, just amazing. 

Since we opened our doors we have been experimenting with our alternatives as to how to get our customers the best deal possible while making enough money to stay in business.  This is difficult.  We had visions of offering free shipping.  Sorry, can't be done. We have to use the fastest, yet reasonably priced option available. This is USPS Priority.  This ensures that our coffee will be delivered by the time a reasonable resting period from roasting is complete. The best we can do is "Actual Shipping"  (estimated.)  No handling fees, no other hidden charges.

The good news is that because we will not be messing around with shipping we have been able to get extremely aggressive in our coffee pricing.  Check it out.  There are also some new package deals.  Buy more, save more, it's that simple.  There's more good news, but some might not see it as such.  We have been seeing the quality of our green coffee beans rising over the past couple of years.  As might be expected though, with higher quality comes higher prices.  Over the coming year we expect this trend to continue which means that we will be able to expand our selection of coffees.

I don't have 50 kinds of beans.  Generally I work with 5 or 6 different beans based on availability and quality.

Don't get me wrong - I would love to offer more.  But in reality I try as many as 15 different beans on a weekly basis, and I'm forced based on either quality or pricing issues to pass on 14 of the 15.  This might sound like fun, but there are a lot of terrible coffees out there.  Yecchh!

I roast everyday, but to keep things simple, for my online customers, I roast on Monday and Thursday afternoon for Tuesday and Friday morning shipping.  You will have the coffee in hand by the time it is done resting and is at its peak.

Looking for a gift for a coffee lover but not sure what to get? Give the gift of fresh coffee!

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Red Dog Coffee Roasters

is all about 3 things:

Superlative Coffee Beans:  We buy only micro-lots of the finest Specialty Grade coffee beans available.  Often these lots are as small as 66 lbs and are the best beans that any particular farm has to offer before selling the bulk of their crop through commodity auctions.

Roasted to Perfection:  We roast small batches of these specialty-grade beans to their individual “sweet spots” - the exact spot for each bean that perfectly balances roast flavors with varietal bean character.

Delivered Amazingly Fresh
  Look at the bag for the roast date (not "best by" or "expiration" date.) Our goal is to get it into your hands as quickly as possible. We will not sell any coffee over 2 weeks old!  This is our retail policy.  Online orders are shipped within 24 hours of roasting. Why?  Despite what most companies would like you to believe, coffee goes stale - much like farm fresh produce or fresh-baked bread.  Special packaging like nitrogen baths, vacuum seals, etc., does little to stop the staling process once it begins. Short of uninterrupted vacuum sealed subzero freezing, it is impossible to stop this process.

New Year, New Pricing!!!
Check out our new prices and look for new deals on all of our roasted coffees!